Rolling the Dice on Life by Linda Marie Fischer

Map of Ice is the first release from the album Arc of Love, which officially launches on October 12, 2018. This fast, punchy, fun and whimsical rock song is every woman’s breaking free and following love. A woman bets on love and listens to the numbers on the dice tumble and slide. 

This song comes from a phase in my life when I was on the road to divorce. I had a small house in New Jersey, which was expensive living for me. I knew eventually it would have to go. One night I was sitting on the bedroom floor with a paper and pen, thinking about the fragility of life and my life, skidding on a map of ice. The numbers on the dice of my life looked so willy nilly. It was then I realized I was going to have to roll the dice on life and make some big changes. Fortunately, as time went by the numbers on the dice came up just right. 

My co-lyricist said this was my story but by recounting it to him, it made it his as well. I hope it becomes yours, too. In this song, love is a liberator. I wish that and more to listeners of this special song. Enjoy!