Arc of Love Launches by Linda Marie Fischer


Linda Marie Fischer sweeps you off your feet with debut album Arc of Love

Easy-listening adult contemporary pop provides a musical journey through the stages of love

NEW YORK CITY | October 12, 2018 – Do you believe in true love? Linda Marie Fischer's debut album Arc of Love will prove its existence, and inspire all to seek its warmth. Fischer takes you on a musical journey through the stages of love, with elements of easy-listening pop, R&B, blues, and jazz throughout. Written straight from the heart, Arc of Love explores the tumbling chaos of love, sweeping you off your feet in a wave of unbridled emotion and universal experiences.

The album captures loving moments from a life well-lived in all of its complexity. Fischer sings about the thrill found at the start of new love, the longing, struggles, and ultimately mutual respect and commitment that is forged. As personal the material is, the story and experiences told are also infinitely relatable; telling the tale of many who have travelled the long path of love, with their own unexpected twists and turns. It reflects on love gained, love lost, and serves to dance away the melancholy of time gone by. "The songs in Arc of Love are of the heart and meant for the hearts of others," said Fischer. "We’ve lived through love and are still believers."

Throughout the release, songs range from tranquil and smooth to energetic rhythms, utilizing elements of pop, R&B, blues and jazz, all with Fischer's soaring, bright vocals overhead. Falling into the adult contemporary and easy listening categories, Arc of Love will appeal to a wide audience, not only for its musical pleasure and performance talent, but also for its raw emotion and empathic material that is universally relatable.

Fischer and co-lyricist Phil Fischer worked with award-winning composer and musician Doug Oberhamer. Oberhamer composed the music as well as recorded, produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the entire album. "The collaboration of myself, Doug, and Phil is why we have an album today," Linda said. "We hope that people enjoy this, and our future albums."

Arc of Love is available everywhere today, including SpotifyBandcamp, and Apple Music. Physicals CDs and merchandise can be ordered through



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