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Passages is a musical tribute to the many nuances of being a person, especially a female person. We live in a generation where life expectancy is surging and opportunities are unfolding. But are we prepared to enjoy them?

It’s hard for women to be a butterfly when you’re young and a material ghost later on—that is, developing into who you want to be and not becoming invisible as you get older. It’s a female life, and ultimately to be set free of all of the preconditions and burdens inherent in it, requires unbinding the tethers that hold you down and having the strength to progress past your heritage and carry your nest in your heart, wherever you are.

The songs this time are a departure from the easy listening/adult contemporary sounds in my first album, Arc of Love. My new songs are largely electronic dance, with driving beats and powerful themes. They were created for your enjoyment and of course once you’ve heard them, I hope they fall into your favorites category.  


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