The Roar of the Butterfly

Linda's Take

Phil's View

It’s such an upbeat song about the evolution into a butterfly. And isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? I love the light and joyous nature of this song. It’s a question at the beginning if the butterfly will reach its destiny but somehow it gets there.

Beauty as destiny is a song in nature. It is the ever recurring spring after the winter. The yellow turning to green each spring. It is within us—a butterfly to be.

A Material Ghost

This is the story of many women’s lives. They’re challenging, difficult, optimistic, and finally liberating.

Freedom by chance. Freedom by opportunity. Freedom by faith in yourself. Freedom by courage. Still we all need to be free.

A Female Life

I grew up with five sisters and learned to appreciate their uniquely feminine perspectives on life.

As I passed my youth, I had a strange liberation. There was no band playing to announce the arrival of the event. I simply felt I was no longer held back by myself.

Tethers Unbound

Women are so often tethered by others. Their expectations or demands, implicit and explicit, become the line of our life. But those tethers need to be gone.

Tethers is a universal theme. When Zorba the Greek says you have the cut the knot to be free, he’s talking about tethers.

No one to Hold

Family relationships shift with time. Regardless of where we are in this continuum, it’s important to have faith in ourselves and know we have learned a great deal along the way. There is hope and positive energy is pursuing that line of thought.

The sand moves beneath ones feet when you are young and the family breaks. It is the story a thousand times over of moving on and finding a new path, a new hope. It’s hard. We don’t deny it, or belittle it but it sets the stage for a brighter future. Looking back we know to thank our good luck.

Carrying the Nest

Sometimes the best thing we can hear is that we’re not alone. We can find hope in that. This song is about change, but also hope that we can find ourselves a new life.

This is a story, told over and over. The young strive and they take a bit of their past and all of their hope into the brave new future. It is bitter irony that the best that we can do sometimes is to carry a small bit of the best of our experiences into an uncertain future.