Grace Under Stress

Grace Under Stress is a patriotic reminiscence of 9/11, a turbulent time in New York City and the country. The tragedy inspires the solemnity of this powerful ballad and pays tribute to those lost, the courage of the people, and the resilience of the city.

Our song emanates from a personal place. My co-lyricist Phil Fischer was in 9-11. The day before he was giving a speech on one of the top floors of the Twin Towers. The following day at 8:46 AM, he was on the 9th floor of World Trade Center 4. When the first plane hit, he ran to the elevator without even thinking, violating every rule. He called his colleagues, fixated on the tv and calling furiously. They got out but few survived from the top floors. He was just lucky. So was our composer Doug Oberhamer, a pianist, who performed often at the top of the Twin Towers.

Meanwhile, I was a state away, in New Jersey, sitting at my desk, working, when I got a call to turn on the television. I thought I was seeing things. I reached Phil as he was marching north with thousands of others, refugees in their own land. Two years later, we were married, and I moved into the city near Ground Zero. In the early hours, thousands worked to recover our world. And so together we wanted to preserve the memory of the lives taken and the time through which the city lived.

September 11 has deeply infused itself into the sinews of the city's history. Grace Under Stress serves as a musical memory of a time and a place we would do well not to forget. Our black and white video is meant to be reflective and provide a retrospective. We hope our music adds to the music, poetry, artwork, and other remembrances.

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