Places is a musical tribute to all of the many great locations that have inspired me. I started with New York, one of the greatest cities in the world, where millions come to Times Square. It’s where hopes and dream collide with the billboards and concrete. You’ll meet all types there, including bigger than life characters. One of our New York songs pays homage to this personality. Another song pays tribute to graver times in New York when it came under stress.

But New York is only one place I’ve enjoyed. In Glen Rose, Texas, I was amazed to contemplate the Paluxy River where dinosaurs once roamed. I found that eternity is a footstep left in mind from times we thought we’d never find. From there, I traversed musically to Iceland and a boat on the North Sea at midnight looking for the Aurora Borealis and myself. Finally, my music went on a safari to Africa where I found that lovers were everywhere, even in the barest desert.

The songs this time are a departure from the easy listening/adult contemporary sounds in my first album, Arc of Love. My new songs are largely electronic dance, with driving beats and powerful themes. They were created for your enjoyment and of course once you’ve heard them, I hope they fall into your favorites category.  


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