Dancing in Times Square

Linda's Take

Phil's View

Nothing was more exciting than New York City's Time Square. Giant billboards, surging crowds, and this song bursts. From suburbs to the city, this song images a life I actually lived. NYC. It’s one of the greatest.

If you go to Times Square enough, you realize the place is its own pulsing and vibrant person staring down at your from the giant billboards. All the languages, all the people, all the hues of the rainbow and the bazaar of opportunity.

Glen, Rose, Texas

We loved Dinosaur State Park and the Paluxy River. We stayed at Fossil Rim, we ate at Loco Coyote, and admired Juana in the Square. This is a piece of my imagination and memories too.

To be alone on the Texas planes is to be alone with a million years in a breeze under the hot Texas sun. There are the songs and the thumps in the night. They are faint until the bars close and the silence rises.

A New York Mirage

Big guys around town put out their special light. The song is a small amplification with a strong beat. A message to the bold brash and young: this is your place, come to New York.

This song recognizes the way in which the big guys are important to themselves and to the people around them. The city needs them. The city nightlife needs them, too.

My Aurora

Freezing in a boat waiting for hours for Northern lights gives one a chance to reflect on life. There’s joy, the troubles of the past, and the vision of happiness tomorrow. It’s quite amazing what a soft, green spray of lights can imagine in the person’s eyes.

The choppy cold night had ended so many sailors. I was there I suppose because I was called. They wanted me to see them. They wanted me not to forget them. The Aurora Borealis on this night was their signature, teaching me that they were not through.

Grace Under Stress

This song is to honor the memory of 9/11.

It is beyond comment. I was there.

Love in the Desert

Love is the engine of a small jeep, pounding through the desert heat. Along a chilly night, it roars on its way to the miraculous and a delight. That was how our song was born.

I remembered a stone black night with stars beaming so bright that the mind surged. It was cold. I was bold. Later I thought that we had defined romance. Love in the Desert.