Grace Under Stress Single Debuts from Linda Marie Fischer

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A Patriotic Reminiscence of 9/11, Linda Marie Fischer’s single “Grace Under Stress” reflects strength of New York City

Special single provides a contemporary recollection of national tragedy

  • “Grace Under Stress” new single from Linda Marie Fischer

  • Musical tribute to 9/11 and New York City’s resilience under duress

  • Black & white lyric video on YouTube

  • For Fans Of: Sevadaliza, The Staves, and Still Corners

NEW YORK CITY | September 11, 2019 – Recollections of 9/11 are knitted into the fabric of New York City. Recording artist Linda Marie Fischer delivers her new single “Grace Under Stress” today, as a patriotic reminiscence of 9/11 as well as a musical tribute to the strength and resilience of the city itself. The song is deeply personal as Fischer’s future husband was at work at Four World Financial Center on that tragic day of September 11, 2001. The song comes off Fischer’s upcoming album Places.

“Grace Under Stress is a patriotic reminiscence of 9/11, a turbulent time in New York City and the country,” Fischer said. “The tragedy inspires the solemnity of this powerful ballad and pays tribute to those lost, the courage of the people, and the resilience of the city.” 

“New York / Grace Under Stress / burning in our history / burning in our hearts,” sings Fischer. The powerful words drive home that New York City forges on and through adversity but it will not forget those lost nor its place in our hearts or our history.

The song emanates from a personal place for the lyricists and the composer. Linda’s co-lyricist Phil Fischer was witness to the tragic events of 9/11. The day before, he was giving a speech on one of the top floors of the Twin Towers. The following day he was on the ninth floor of Four World Financial Center.  When the first plane hit, he ran to the elevator without even thinking, violating every rule. He called his colleagues, fixated on the television and calling furiously. They got out but few survived from the top floors. He was just lucky. So was Linda’s composer Doug Oberhamer, a pianist, who often performed at the top of the Twin Towers. The music for “Grace Under Stress” was composed by Oberhamer.

Meanwhile, Linda was a state away, in New Jersey, working at her desk, when she got a call to turn on the television. She reached Phil as he was marching north with thousands of others, refugees in their own land. Two years later, they were married, and she moved into the city near Ground Zero.

“In the early hours, thousands worked to recover our world,” Fischer said, remembering construction trucks rattling into the site in the early hours of the morning. “And so together we wanted to preserve the memory of the lives taken and the time through which the city lived.”

In addition to the track, Fischer created a black and white lyric video. The video is meant to be reflective and provide a retrospective memory. “We hope our music adds to other remembrances,” Fischer said.

Fischer released her debut album Arc of Love last fall. With this new single and upcoming releases, Fischer continues to develop her artistic sense. She has two distinct albums coming out this fall, Passages on September 20, 2019 and Places on October 4, 2019. Places pays homage to great locations that have inspired her, none more than New York City. Half of the six songs on Places are about some aspect of New York City. They include “Dancing in Times Square” and “A New York Mirage”, both set to electronic dance music.

“Grace Under Stress” is available everywhere today, including Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.


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About Linda Marie Fischer

Linda Marie Fischer is an American recording artist. She lives in NYC. Her first album was Arc of Love. Her two new albums, Passages and Places, grew from experience, hopes, and wishes. Linda’s music is inspired by small moments, global travels, and her searching soul.

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