A Female Life Single Debuts from Linda Marie Fischer


Empowering and enlightening, Linda Marie Fischer’s single “A Female Life” reflects on the female perspective

Uplifting and inspirational single provides a guiding light for women in the 21st century


  • A Female Life new single from Linda Marie Fischer

  • Musical tribute to the female journey toward the emergent self

  • Follows emotional trails of women in the twenty-first century

  • For Fans Of: Disclosure, Smoove & Turrell, and Janelle Monae 

NEW YORK CITY | September 6, 2019 – The purpose of human existence has been investigated since the dawn of time. NYC recording artist Linda Marie Fischer delivers her new single “A Female Life” today, as a reflection of that journey as seen from the eyes of a woman in the twenty-first century. Foreshadowing her upcoming album Passages, due out on September 20th, the track delivers on Fischer’s vision.

“A Female Life is about seeing your emergent self through the good and the bad,” Fischer said. “Living every day is its own education and every day led me to a better understanding of myself. I simply tried to share my experience.” 

“It’s time to be / and it’s time to see / a female life / set free”, sings Fischer. Fear of failure and self-hesitation is brushed aside, as the track drives a sense of urgency woven into energetic, pop energy. “The track’s message is to sweep away your worries and revel in being you.”

Fischer released her debut album Arc of Love last fall. With the new single and upcoming album, Fischer continues to develop her artistic sense, exploring a pop/dance lead, with elements of electronic and EDM.

Her upcoming album Passages is a musical tribute to the journey of life, exploring how individuals change and grow throughout all stages of life.

“A Female Life” is available everywhere today, including Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.


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About Linda Marie Fischer

Linda Marie Fischer is an American recording artist. She lives in NYC. Her first album was Arc of Love. Her two new albums, Passages and Places, grew from experience, hopes, and wishes. Linda’s music is inspired by small moments, global travels, and her searching soul.

For more information about the music of Linda Marie Fischer, visitwww.lindamariefischer.com.



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