Blasted, Bombed, Being in Love

Failing to fight the call of love, this song is fast paced, energetic and moody.

Love in the Ages

A visit to Rome presents itself for an emotional bluesy ballad about a romance between two bewitched lovers. 

Blue in the Heart

In this lyrical ballad of loss, a dreamy and sentimental moment gets captured in sad, soft tones.

Locking Us Forever

A soulful, emotional, sexy moment of remembrance – heat, glistening bodies, thundering beats.

Little Words

A smooth, soulful R&B recording gives a tender moment a jazzy pace.

Racing to the Moon

A passionate retro mid-tempo, jazzy, groovy, soaring story of a woman falling in love. 

map of Ice

This fast, punchy, fun and whimsical rock song is every woman’s breaking free and following love. 

Trails in My Life

This is a woman today: she runs for hope in a mid-tempo, groovy, funky and sexy memory.

Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick!

A fast and funky throwback to the dance songs of the 70s that’s sure to get you moving your feet. 

Thinness of the Air

A haunting, spacey, melodic piece that records a kiss in the night under a lamppost.


Holiday Wishes

It’s a blue Christmas ballad, jazzy but sentimental, and it asks for a gift – a mist in a box, a gift of love’s vapor.