No time like the present

In my roots are Sicilian musicians. I followed this tradition, singing and acting at a young age. But like many, life took its own turn. As I set off in new directions, I never let go of singing and it never let go of me. 

The decades passed, complicated by losses, endings, a myriad of financial concerns as well as new challenges that were part of starting over. In this I'm not alone, as around half of the married people in America get to experience starting over at some point. In my second marriage, there were vastly fewer constraints and more open doors. New possibilities emerged and old dreams resurfaced. As we worked, poetry, writing, music, and travel infused our lives. 

Still, it seemed a bit late for me to pursue music after working in the education, financial, airline, and publishing industries. When I asked my husband he said, "you're still standing." That has been, and continues to be, my go to motivation if I ever waver. And best of all, he was willing to jump into the process with me, drawing on his decades of reading and writing poetry as well as discussing how we might use mine. Collaboration between husband and wife requires a deft hand but it really enhanced the final project.

We started writing songs together with lyrics like “the gift is a vapor made of Christmas cheer,” for a holiday song. Other lyrics followed, and this album was born—truly an “Arc of Love,” describing the stages we go through to find love. It is filled with easy listening/adult contemporary songs in various styles. I hope that Arc of Love will be regenerative in its themes and in the lives of those who hear it. 

We owe many who have helped in this production, none moreso than our award-winning musical director and composer Doug Oberhamer. The moods, alternating between hope and hardship, longing and fulfillment, and finally satisfaction and commitment, are set to Doug’s captivating music. The songs are those of the heart; we hope you will find that they speak to you.

Love, Linda

Places that inspired my music


Where you are can bring everything around you into your art. In many ways, that is why you're there.