For Jnquiring Minds

Who are you?

Linda Marie Fischer is an American recording artist. She lives in NYC. Her first album was Arc of Love. Her two new albums, Passages and Places, grew from experience, hopes, and wishes over the course of life. Linda’s music is inspired by small moments, global travels, and her searching soul.

What is your music about?

When you hear me sing, I hope it brings you to a warm and jazzy place separate from the bustle of everyday. My lyrics will always be personal in one way or another, but they also will be a mirror of so many lives today. I’ve had heartbreak, difficult times, great moments in love, and learned a good bit along the way, sometimes with the pricks of thorns reaching for a rose. I’m betting you have too.

My greatest wish when people hear the lyrics of any of the songs is that they keep on keeping on in life and love. Life, especially love, can be very hard. But the sun comes up every day. And new doors open when others close. Maintaining wonder and hope, despite problems, is as challenging as ever but I’m in your corner on this one.

I hope the music carries you along and I had amazing help on that. Musical director Doug Oberhamer tightly organized the music to maximize its cinematic feel. He used a wide variety of instruments and fun sounds throughout the album for your enjoyment.

What is unique about your music?

The music blends easy listening with contemporary topics in love, home, family, and femininity as women reinterpret their lives with the passage of time.

What is your vision?

I’m building a collection of music and this album is not going to be a one off. I would like our audience to grow with me as we expand our repertoire of themes. My songs offer something for everyone.

Why Arc of Love?

Love in all its complexity seemed like a great place to start. The album is rich in feeling and my hope is that it touches everyone.

When will be releasing new songs?

I have more in the works. Expect to see them in 2019/2020.

Will there be more easy listening songs?

I’ll always be in the easy listening/adult contemporary space but expect surprises.

I’d love to see you perform live. When will that be happening?

I honestly just anticipated being a recording artist. Believe me, it’s a lot to write the songs and prep to record them and handle everything else (graphics, website, social media, videos, marketing, metadata and file management) related to sharing them with you. But I’m intrigued by live performance, especially if I can reach people with a story of the heart. So trust that I’m thinking about it and working on a program to try out someday in the future. I’ll keep you posted!